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Urathon Mobility - Our NEW range of perspex power chair trays with both round and square mounting tubes

giving you


Urathon Mobility - The original and still the best PU Flat Free Tyres for wheelchairs



Urathon Mobility - New range of padded postural belts

Designed and engineered to suit

your needs

Urathon Mobility - specialist suppliers to the mobility and rehabilitation industry

Welcome to Urathon Mobility

Urathon, pioneers of Polyurethane Flat Free tyres for wheelchairs are one of the leading suppliers of spare parts and accessories for wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment In Europe and have been a leading supplier to the UK NHS for over 20 years.

View our range of spare parts and accessories that are compatible with over 400+ wheelchair models.

Our manufacturing expertise, experienced sourcing, and knowledgeable sales team enable us to deliver high quality parts to your specific requirements.

"We have been supplying the UK National Health Service and Brand Manufacturing technical healthcare products for many of the world’s leading companies for over 20 years. We greatly value your business and will continue to do all we can to support our broad range of customers with technically innovative, well made, competitively priced products"

Hugh Sims-Hilditch, Managing Director


Component parts and accessories for the mobility and rehabilitation industry.

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Wholly owned production facilities in Southern China

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